The Harvester #15: Finale Fuckin’ Finally
October 2nd, 2011

The Harvester #15: Finale Fuckin’ Finally

IT’S FINALLY OVER! Back to stupid one-offs next week.

Selfie: February 2013

Is it possible I uploaded a drawing before Tucker? Is it cheating to post the night before it’s due?

Edit: If Tucker doesn’t like his he has a screw loose, it turned out great!


For Science!

We took the best parts of the best animals and made the best creature to ever walk the earth. We did it to prove a point. We did it to show natural selection who’s boss. We did it for fame and glory. But above all else, we did it FOR SCIENCE!


Sasquatch at Home

This is an extremely late offering for a little challenge my pal Tucker and I are undertaking. Check out his doodle for the same theme!

Sasquatch at Home

Nicky Nacho

Taking a puff on Jimmy the Smoke. Tattoo design for Hell Hole.

Nicky Nacho

Hellhole: Smooth!

Design for Hell Hole sticker/patch sheet. Who is Hell Hole? They are skaters who make shirts and stuff, Der.

Hellhole: SMOOTH!