My wife bought a gift and card for her coworker’s name and asked me to inscribe her name on the envelope all fancy. This is more or less what I do at work all day, but I’d just like to point out that I CAN do cute and I DO take commissions.


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Papa Noel de la Lucha Libre

This was my contribution to a Yankee swap with some friends this weekend. I made out with a sizable bottle of Jagermeister. Totally worth it!Lucha Libre Noel

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Witch Doctor Detective

Psychic Herb: With Doctor Detective. 3mm Micron with Faber-Castel Brush Markers on sketchbook paper.

Psychic Herb

Character Studies

3mm Micron Pen and Faber–Castell Brush markers on sketchbook paper.

Jimmy the SmokeCowboy Fish

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Bee and Frog

These are both characters that have cropped up in sketchbooks and doodles for years. Somehow they’ve never been on the same page, and only one of them (the frog) has ever been included in a finished illustration. Ink and watercolor on bristol.

Bee and Frog