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Getting this thing rolling

Barfing ManHey all,

Sully here of!  I think it’s common practice to start a blog (belligerent letters of gibberish) with a sort of mission statement.  As a professional Illustrator, I think I’m supposed to use this blog as a place to eloquently write notes and editorials about the state of my field and my opinions about the changing tides.  That’s all well and good, and some of that is probably going to happen.  But for those of you who already know me, you know it’s just not going to stay to that.  Random stories, rants, and a gratuitous number of Simpsons quotes are probably going to wind up littering this journal.  However, I’ll also be posting sketches and doodles as often as I have time to scan them so you guys should look forward to (or dread, use your discretion) that as well.  In fact, I’d love to start this blog off on the right foot and present one of my favorite placemat doodles I’ve ever done.  This was created while waiting for Mexican food when I was with a party of about 12 people.  The food was taking forever, and I was just reaching that stage of hunger when you start to feel slightly nauseous.  Then they brought me the wrong thing and I had to wait longer, which was good news because it let me finish this sketch!

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What is going on?!

To those who may have seen and may now miss the original, you’re probably asking what the hell happened to that format.  Well the short answer is that it was a huge pain in the pants to update.  I’m in the midst of overhauling the site from the ground up, so be patient as I’ll be updating with more content and playing with layout for a little while.  To hold everyone over, here’s a place mat doodle I did while out to breakfast with my lovely Fiance, Rachel.  Turtles have been a favorite subject of mine since my youth, not quite sure why.


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Attention everyone!  The gallery page has been updated, for your convenience, to include doodles.  Now when I post random drawings in this weblog they’ll also be included in the doodles section for easy browsing.  In addition to the small selection of doodles the ants have already brought to this blog, I bring you three new doodles for viewing!  Enjoy!

Fat ManWhale with Crabbugs.jpg


P.S. If all goes according to plan then a gift I put together for a friend of mine should be heading out in the mail today.  As eager as I am to post the drawing, I really would hate to ruin the surprise.  Expect an add on to the portfolio section in the near future, though!

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More Doodles

So I went through my hardrive and found all the doodles I had stocked up for “the daily doodle” on the old website.  For those of you who don’t know, the daily doodle was an overly ambitious mission statement for the original, and part of the reason the old site wound up sitting around doing nothing for the better part of two years.   Most of that junk was severely embarasing to look at, frankly, so I just picked out some of my favorites to include in the doodle section here.  You can go ahead and check it all out in the gallery but here are some of the highlights just to wet your appetite.

Stinking Self PortraitExploding HeadMeaningCreeping Tower

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My wife bought a gift and card for her coworker’s name and asked me to inscribe her name on the envelope all fancy. This is more or less what I do at work all day, but I’d just like to point out that I CAN do cute and I DO take commissions.


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